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Old Tubs With New Uses

Do you enjoy a nice cup of yogurt? Are you a fan of Greek or other style yogurt? If you answered the two previous questions then we are sure that you probably recycle plenty of yogurt containers per year.

What if we told you there is a bunch of ingenious ways to reuse them? Below are a few dandy ways to reuse those containers before just tossing them away.

Small yogurt containers make great popsicle molds. Just wash them out and freeze whatever you would like on a hot summer day. You can also freeze the yogurt in them for a tasty treat.

Around the holiday season, at the many parties you might attend, there are plenty of leftovers to share. Keep those yogurt containers with lids to storage leftovers and send some home with the guests.

Just moved and cannot find your measuring cups? Or the writing has worn off on an old pair? Eight ounce yogurt containers are equivalent to 1 cup of liquid. There are for cups of liquid in a quart.

Old yogurt containers are fantastically the perfect size for eggs. Reuse them over and over for egg dying at Easter. Another brilliant kitchen usage is to put out sprinkles in them for holiday decorating of cupcakes.

Soup fans never fear your yogurt containers are near. The containers are great for storing stocks for simple measurement and cooking later. Containers may also be used to refrigerate soups till the next day allowing less food to go to waste.

Lastly, yogurt containers are a life saver when trying to organize a room. Store small trinkets and other do dads in them and put them away on a shelf in the closet. Completely perfect for a craft room to store beads, glitter, or jewelry in them and write on the outside to label them.

Tell us how you reuse your yogurt containers..

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