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A Few Minutes A Week

We know that recycling, repurposing and decreasing unneeded consumption in all aspects of daily life are no-brainers, and that using energy efficient products can help to save money.

But do we really understand the impact such simple things really have when it comes to our financial and environmental wellbeing?

The following are four easy changes that literally take less than a few minutes to do, but can really add up in long-term benefits:

  • Unplugging unused appliances and electronics can seriously increase electricity savings. Even though they are not being used constantly when plugged in, they are still continually draining up to half of their electrical power.
  • Shutting blinds and using fans during bright sunlight and hot weather can keep the thermostat games at bay. This enables the thermostat to be turned up a couple of degrees so that it is not running constantly.
  • Turning off lights when not in use and purchasing light-emitting diodes (LED) light bulbs will increase lighting efficiency.
  • Don’t allow your water to keep running while grooming or completing household tasks. You really don’t need a gallon of water just to brush your teeth. Doing full loads of laundry and dishes will also keep the water splurges, and high water department bills, at bay.

This is a brief synopsis, but the little things really do count. Weigh how long it takes to rinse and sort your plastic for recycling versus the time it will take to just throw it out and deal with it years later. Then envision the consequences if everyone took this approach…overrun landfills and limited resources, anyone?

Just a few energy conscious minutes a week really do matter, and can add up in monetary gains as well as increase the global friendliness factor.

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