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Recycling Lessons At Home

Fun family recycling projects can be done with many household items. While being creative you can also incorporate a lesson about the importance of reusing.

Empty containers can be turned into a great array of objects. Kids can save milk jugs and plastic bottles of different shapes and sizes and turn them into birdfeeders. Adults can assist in cutting out an entryway with no sharp edges for feathery friends to enter. Kids can help insert or glue on a perch and decorate the bird home. Secure it to a favorite tree or post, fill with seed suited for native birds and wait for company to arrive.

Another imaginative way to reuse plastic containers is by making a totem pole with them. These can be simple or elaborate, depending on your design.

Use containers that are pliable enough to cut so a rod can be placed through the middle of each one for support. Children will love to paint and embellish the containers. The poles can be placed outside in the ground or in a planter with sand, soil or rocks. New stacks can be added or interchanged as more containers are transformed and placed onto the pole.

Big Spring Environmental, a recycling and waste management company in Huntsville, Alabama, has compiled a list of recycling crafts sure to entertain. With a turning trash into toys theme, these 20 featured projects show neat ways to recycle.

Ventures like making a tin can telephone or a cardboard biplane are usually a hit with all age ranges.  Additionally highlighted on the list is a fizzy balloon science project where you place a balloon on top of a plastic bottle, and with some help from baking soda and vinegar it will expand.

Also, by using things around the house like old papers you can make objects like paper mâché globes that light up or water sprinklers from discarded soda bottles.

Recycling Lessons At Home

Recycling Lessons At Home

Star Wars fans will go crazy for the make your own Storm Trooper helmet. By using plastic milk jugs you can construct a very realistic looking rendition.

Recycling Lessons At Home

Recycling Lessons At Home

Crafts produced with recycling in mind are entertaining and educational. Projects like these will have everyone in the house stockpiling empty containers and reusable materials.

Recycling Lessons At Home

All images are from Big Spring Environmental.

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