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Tire Makeovers

Recycled items can be made into the neatest things, and sturdy materials like tires are being turned into some interesting developments.

Recycling tires into other objects is nothing new, and from a design perspective tires provide a functional and inspirational medium to create with in which original concepts and practical pieces can be brought to life.

Companies intent on offering recycled furniture are becoming more mainstream on the retail market. Endless designs are available, from everything to cubes, ottomans, tables, chairs and stools.

Items built from reprocessed tires are generally strong fixtures that are easy to clean as well as mold and mildew resistant, and most can be used inside or out. Furniture made from rubber tires comes in various colors, too.

Whimsical playground equipment can be configured from reprocessed or inoperative tires as well. Rounded edges and shock absorbent material offers enhanced safety features.

Tires can be shredded down into chips for safe flooring underneath play sets. Additionally, tires also make great home flooring and rugs that are durable and resilient against scratches.

Also, clothing and footwear designs fabricated from tires are unbelievably moveable and versatile. Accessories such as cases, bags, belts and jewelry can be made from tire portions as well. Reclaimed tires are even popping up in home construction and landscaping, with everything from roof shingles to planters evolving from them.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, though most tires are recycled due to regulations and recycling, nearly 25% of discarded tires still end up in landfills. This number may be even higher in other countries that accept exported scrap tires. Dumped tires pose many environmental hazards, including heightened mosquito breeding grounds from rainwater collected inside tires, as well as air-polluting fire risks since piles can retain heat and catch fire.

Proper tire disposal should be common sense, especially when their usefulness can continue long after life on the road. WebEcoist and inhabitat provide some pictorial examples of the incredible things that can be made from them.

Though reclaimed and recycled tire projects exist in all sorts and price points, possibly one of the most budget friendly and entertaining is an old-fashioned tire swing, so save your worn out spares.

Image Source: wikimedia.org

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