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Drawers To Compost Bins

Using an old dresser or chest of drawers, you can easily convert discarded furniture into a compost bin.

If you have any scrap wood lingering in the shed, building your own bin may be an other opportunity of equal promise. Ideally, it is best to use drawers with a depth of about eight inches.

For composting purposes, drawers are best utilized if  converted into a worm bin. When employing worms as a method of composting, drawers make the efforts easier, as they allow you to harvest the garden-ready compost on lower levels, without disturbing the worms who have migrated to the top.

After worms have processed the same bit of material multiple times, they will begin to make their way upward to find new material. To allow worms easy access to higher or lower levels, you will need to drill holes in the bottom of each drawer. Space holes evenly to keep the surface sturdy and ensure an even distribution of weight. Holes should be large enough in diameter for the worms to travel through freely, while small enough that the bedding and compost contents don’t escape into the lower levels. One-half to one inch should suffice.

Now that easy access has been granted, you can choose a bedding to blanket the bottom of each drawer. Newspaper shreds, egg cartons, or dried leaves are all choices of particular success.

Perhaps the most essential step, aside from providing organic material, is rounding up the occupants. While you could grope the earth in search of slimy participants, most get their worms from bait stores instead. Not only is it cleaner, but the amount of worms needed is simply too high to justify foraging in your yard.

If composting for one person you will need a minimum of 1,000 worms. For each additional household member, an extra thousand will be needed. Remember, worms are small – as I’m sure you’ve noticed – and while they can stomach a lot of food (eating half their weight in organic matter per day), consuming our food scraps would be a daunting task for a mere dozen worms. Luckily, you can get several thousand worms quite easily. You can order them online as well.

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