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Bottled Fun

Kids are notorious for playing with packaging, so saving up plastic bottles and jugs for crafting makes perfect sense. With an inventive attitude and a few supplies, fun in a bottle is a sure cure for boredom.

Milk jugs can be turned into game equipment like carton catchers.

Bottled Fun

Image source: replayground.com

With some careful cutting, sturdily affixed end tubes and a bit of ornamentation a game of catch is invented. Just add a ball and toss back and forth for an energetic, recycling inspired activity that the whole family can participate in.

Condiment bottles can be repurposed and used for restocking craft materials.

Once empty and cleaned, numerous sizes of bottles that once contained favorite sauces, dressings or dips can be reused to hold art supplies. Plastic condiment bottles are perfect for holding money saving bulk craft items which often dry out because they do not come in ideal containers for long term storage, adding to the waste.

For instance, ketchup and salad dressing bottles are great holders for paints and glues. They are pliable enough to squeeze and many have holes in the top which make for an ideal dispenser. Also, they are durable and air tight once sealed so liquids will keep longer. Plus, the see-through plastic lets you know what is stored inside. Other small containers can hold messy items like glitters, beads and mixed media supplies.

Bottle caps, which some facilities will not recycle, can also be incorporated into useful objects.

For painting, they make instant mixing trays and holders, and the caps can be glued onto a palette or other sturdy surface. They are perfect for holding modeling glues or paints for applying intricate details to projects or blending to achieve a desired color. They can even be filled with things like small beads or other craft or jewelry making supplies.

Bottled Fun

Image source: craftingagreenworld.com

Bottle caps can also be collected and turned into neat designs like wall art mosaics or screen dividers. With a bit of time and some durable, reusable string like twine, fishing line or dental floss, caps can be securely strewn in nearly any color imaginable for a decorative display that can be used inside or outdoors.

Though cutting down on toss-away consumption is the best environmental route, trying to reuse existing plastics in fun ways is entertaining and memory building.

Bottling it up

Image source: craftingagreenworld.com

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