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Is It Recyclable?

What can be recycled?

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Of course recycling is a must, but sometimes it can be a time consuming venture. Drawers become stockpiled with cells, chargers and empty ink cartridges because we aren’t sure what to do with them.

Things that don’t go into the regular recycling bin usually are put aside with good intention, but often get forgotten about in the daily bustle. Properly recycling used up or no longer wanted gadgets may take a bit more effort than just tossing them into a bin, but once you figure out what to do with them it can make the next time around easier.

Is It Recyclable?

Image source: recyclenow.com

Check if there are retailers in your area that have recycling events or programs for taking used electronics.

Some may offer trade-in value or rebates for acceptable products. Local shops or businesses are a good place to start, but if not readily available check sites like GreenerGadgets.org that help find places who accept electronics such as televisions, mobile devices and computers for recycling. According to them, certain televisions may last longer than 10 years but smartphones only last around 18 months.

eCyclingCenter also offers resources for recycling electronics and household discards. Among their list are computers and equipment like ink cartridges, toners, monitors and printers that can be recycled for their usable parts. Also search through their list of what to do with recyclable household goods like used up CFL bulbs and florescent tubes.

With advancing technologies and the onset of the mobile device parade, digital cameras and eReaders have also become one of the latest discards. These can be turned into many product specific manufacturers for proper recycling and some will issue a credit towards new products.

Do you know what a Mobius loop is?

For a breakdown of common recycling symbols on packaging recyclenow has a chart explaining what these codes mean. They also have a section called can it be recycled? Here you can search for many questionable items to see if they are recycle-worthy.

Is It Recyclable?

Image source: recyclenow.com

Knowing where and how to turn in objects that are not necessarily recycled everyday like old electronics and appliances can be useful information.

Efficient recycling is environmentally helpful, but also salvages time and space, things we can all use more of.

What can be recycled?

Image source: skillsrecycling.org

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