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Reuse Bulk Packaging

Constantly we express to people to recycle cans, plastic, cardboard, paper and even our fast food drink cups.

Instead of recycling these materials why not make use of them in our homes. Bulk packaging is a major source for reusable containers. Do you shop at Costco, Sam’s Club or Price Club? Many of the containers you buy with the products in them are perfect for pantry storage. Besides, who does not like saving money on storage containers.

There is probably 101 ways to organize your pantry with reusable bulk materials but these are a few of our favorites. Large popcorn or cookie containers, even the bear shaped ones, are great for storing flour, cereals, oats, chocolate chips, and sugar. Candies, raisins, and peanut brittle come in plastic containers that have screw on lids. This style of containers can be used for powdered sugar, brown sugar, or any type of item you need to measure off as it is easy to insert a measuring device.

Additionally, squeeze containers can be washed and reused for pancake mix and homemade dressings. Baby food jars and pickles jars can be sterilized and reused for storing nuts and spices. When shopping at your bulk food stores they usually offer boxes for carrying out your items. Repurpose these by using them in the bottom of the pantry to store root vegetables such as potatoes and onions. The boxes can also be used to store bags of chips and kid friendly snacks.

Stop and think next time you are about to throw a container into the recycle bin as to what this container could be repurposed for. Beyond pantry storage there is a world filled with DIY projects that these containers can lend a hand to.

Get creative and share with ideas with friends.

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