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3 Practical and Easy Recycled Paper Projects

The amount of U.S. paper waste totals about 29%, and paper is the most discarded solid waste product (EPA.gov). Recycling greatly reduces the amount that is thrown out but there are also many ways to use paper again.

If you have an appreciation for the practical and have lots of stray papers lying around or are always doing the recycling paper toss, these are a few ways to reuse paper in the home or office.

  • Turn Recycled Papers Into Stationary

Colored, textured and other mixed media stationary can be made from usual throw-outs like junk mail, flyers or cards. Add a bit of sewing skill and create stitched stationary. Sheets can be given an antique finish by placing them in a mixture of coffee grounds and water to soak. Once the excess coffee grounds are wiped off and it has dried it resembles vintage paper.

Also, homemade envelopes can be created using magazine pages or other thicker sheets and securing them with glue or tape. Upgrade your envelopes by adding envelope liners.

  • Make Do-It-Yourself Notebooks

Assemble leftover papers into a recycled notebook. These can be personalized and made as a standard sized notebook or a mini to carry around. Any extra paper scraps can be used for reminder notes. Just cut into desired shapes and stack papers in a suitable container or basket.

  • Reuse Paper for Gift Wrapping Supplies

Repurpose paper to wrap presents instead of using traditional store bought gift wrap. Gift bags can also be constructed from excess paper. A paper shredder can be used to make gift bag and basket filler. Paper scraps are also good for gift tags; just punch in a hole and attach to gifts with ribbon or string.

These projects are good hands-on activities for groups and classrooms. Have everyone contribute by collecting papers and supplies and set aside an afternoon for assembling. Handmade stationary and notebooks also make useful gifts sets and can be wrapped and decorated in recycled gift paper.

For more ideas, EverythingEtsy has 101 printables that can be made with recycled paper.

Giving papers another go around before putting them in the bin is a good way to clear up clutter and incorporate sensible reusing into your routine.

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