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Did you know that when you have finished your morning brew, whether it be a good old cup of joe or the fanciest of espressos, that those coffee grounds could go on to greater things?

Yes, that’s right! Coffee grounds can be upcycled and there are several companies already recycling this waste item with great success.

Back to the Roots is a company developed by two former college students. The idea behind Back to the Roots is growing gourmet mushrooms out of soil made from coffee grounds.

Presently, Back to the Roots manages to collect, divert, and reuse 3.6 billion pounds of coffee grounds within a year along with sustaining ten urban school and community gardens by donating the coffee ground premium soil. Their product allows you to grow your own mushroom garden right in the home.

An alternative company located in the UK named Green Cup not only sells the coffee but provides a recycling container to collect the used coffee grounds. Green Cup’s fleet will collect the recycled coffee grounds and mixes it with sheep wool and other secret ingredients to create a 100% natural, organic, non-chemical fertilizer. Caffeine that is found in coffee is a natural insecticide allowing the fertilizer to naturally help with slugs and other flower eating insects.

Even more innovative is the Cagayan de Oro factory in the Philippines. This is one of Nestlé’s largest soluble coffee operations. The factory uses coffee grounds as fuel, replacing the use of fuel oil or diesel oil and saving more than 4000 tonnes of oil. They have calculated that they have saved 70,000 tonnes of waste from landfills.

If you are not your own barista but enjoy gardening just ask at your local cafe for their used coffee grounds to recycle. Many local shops would be proud to participate.

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