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Pretentious Packaging

Food packaging is sometimes an evil necessity.

It is certainly helpful in keeping food and beverage items safe while traveling and free from contaminants until purchased. However, cardboard and plastic packaging in particular are responsible for tons of waste each year.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported that in 2008 in the U.S. alone there were 1,170 thousand tons of bags and sacks generated, with only 440 thousand tons of this recovered in recycling efforts. Milk cartons accounted for 490 thousand tons of packaging waste, with none recaptured. The total production numbers from this year for paper and paperboard containers and packaging was 38,290 thousand tons, with 65.5% of this recovered.

In a world that needs sustainable practices more than ever, one artist has offered a thought-provoking look at societal attitudes toward marketing concepts and packaging. Wheat is Wheat is Wheat is a series that examines what responsibility design plays with moral obligations.

Peddy Mergui extends luxury brand lines to food packaging. The look into consumerist packaging is puzzlingly pretty, as the artist takes the logos from popular brand names and upscale fashions and contains them in interesting food packaging concepts.

Pretentious Packaging Pretentious Packaging Pretentious Packaging Pretentious Packaging

Mergui offers that the intention of the works are not to diminish any particular label or brand, but only as artistic expression.

Cleverly dressed simple food items get a style makeover in their couture packaging. For instance, what says lux like a Versace egg carton or Gucci pickles?

Pretentious Packaging Pretentious Packaging

The exhibition places focus on what the consumer perceives as high end products and what the relationship is to their packaging.

The collection also asks the question anyone on a budget has done when comparison shopping – is the generic brand really the same as the more appealingly packaged item?

Pretentious Packaging

All images are © Peddy Mergui.

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