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Preschool Activities That Offer Ecological Lessons

Preschool aged children love to learn about a variety of topics. They also love the outdoors, and the combination of learning and being outside is perfect for introducing ecological responsiveness.

Learning in an outdoor environment can engage children and offer experiences that they do not receive indoors. As pointed out in one study, children are exposed at a young age to environmental issues that can often be upsetting. However they often are not given enough firsthand experiences with nature in order to form meaningful connections.

Outdoor connections can actually advance a child’s skillsets. Research has shown that nature based activities instantaneously enhance skills in a range of widespread areas.

These environmentally focused craft collections use items from around the house, recyclables and basic art supplies to create nature based and global inspired works. There are endless links with detailed and easy to follow instructions as well as supply lists. Kids will love doing activities and learning more about the earth, conservation and nature.

Also, these themed activities offer entertaining instruction. Environmental topics and corresponding coloring pages, crafts and lesson plans are attention-grabbing opportunities for learning while playing.

For more nature inspired projects, this compilation of 40 activities are great with some adult or sibling guidance. Royal crowns, flower and plant art, garlands and terrariums are just a few ideas that will keep kids happily busy while learning about their surroundings. They are also great for playdates and groups.

While adults may recognize the significance of nature focused learning and activities, young children see being outdoors and doing fun projects as playtime. Providing them with educational, hands on lessons can benefit them in numerous ways, and they will enjoy every minute of it.

Preschool Activities That Offer Ecological Lessons

Image source: flickr.com/photos/umairmohsin

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