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Green Thanksgiving

One of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for your Green Thanksgiving is to go local. Local not only will help support your local farms but the use of local products does not have to be driven across the country to get to you.

Check for farmers’ markets, family farms, community-supported agriculture programs and U-Pick options in your area for the freshest produce, eggs, dairy and grass-fed meat. When shopping use reusable shopping bags to cut down on the waste polluting the oceans.

Portion control can be a huge key to a successful Green Thanksgiving. Over 28 billion pounds of edible food is wasted each year – more than 100 pounds per person. It is vital to not overcook and use portion control instead. If you do feel the need to make a dinner to feed twenty when you only have ten, try dividing out the left overs to family members.

Reheat the turkey in a soup with orzo’s or make a turkey monte cristo sandwich with left over cranberry sauce. Another brilliant recipe which takes just a few minutes to whip up is a turkey risotto. Scraps can be frozen and reheated for dinners later in week up to month. No one can surpass eating turkey more than three days straight so freeze it up and save it for another quick weeknight meal.  Remember to recycle all those glass jars and tin cans.

Don’t forget to donate your leftovers to a food bank or nearby homeless shelter. And remember to compost your food scraps or use them for stock. If you decided to buy your Thanksgiving supplies in bulk, the containers from your various products are perfect for storing large quantities of leftovers. These containers are also great to share food with people that cannot afford to have an elaborate feast.

After all, Thanksgiving is about sharing with those you love.

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