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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is said to be one of the most powerful yoga practises there is. It was introduced to the west by Yogi Bhajan and it incorporates the physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of human self.

The practice is a combination of powerful breathing techniques, postures, mantras and meditation which apparently help you to unlock your true potential.

Kundalini yoga, the yoga of awareness, focuses on unlocking the creative spiritual potential. There is an emphasis on upholding values, speaking the truth, and focusing on compassion and consciousness.

It is about preparing you to face the world with confidence. Now, don’t we all need a bit more of that?

I have been to many classes and as most yogi’s know, practising yoga is a very personal experience. Differing from individual to individual. You may love your guru, or the way the light disperses throughout the room. The class may be small and intimate, or large and energetic. It may be a relaxing and spiritual class, or an active practise that conjures sweat prickling your skin. Everyone has their preference.

Alas, I now understand why they call Kundalini the most powerful.

Of course, every class will be different the world over, but the Kundalini I am referring to was just magical. The room, dimmed beautifully and decked out with mats, blankets, eye-masks and even sheepskins.

The ‘set’ or ‘kriya’, began with quite a powerful arm movement and strong breath to warm up our bodies. The exercise goes for longer than expected, in fact all of them do, and I figure this is where the ‘mind’ comes in. It teaches you stamina, perseverance and strength. It really is does incorporate body, mind, and spirit.

‘Kundalini’ refers to our potential, and the basis that our true strength comes from within.

After many exercises that make you repeat movements more times than you think possible, there is a meditation. It is deep. Effective. Beautiful. Then, they chanted. Usually, I don’t really respond to this in yoga, but it felt different. Genuine. I couldn’t join in the song as I didn’t know the words, so lucky me, all I could do was listen and let angelic waves roll over me.

The class left me feeling like a nurtured, spiritual being that could do anything I put my mind to. It made me feel like I belonged.

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