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Powerful Performances From Red Earth

Powerful Performances From Red Earth

An environmental performance art group, Red Earth, has been presenting their landscape driven series for global audiences for over 20 years.

The collaborative assembly of artists who are led and co-directed by Caitlin Easterby and Simon Pascoe recreate intense installation experiences that are much different than any art gallery or history lecture could possibly encompass.

Their action driven works have focused on issues like climate change, agricultural and ecological concerns as well as other significant historic passages. In addition to a heightened environmental element, their exhibitions also seek to uphold the relevance of cultural connections. Performances have largely centered around active landscape demonstrations in which a time period or specific heritage is showcased.

The group works with many individuals from various backgrounds and diverse fields such as those in the areas of ecology, geology and archaeology to name a few, and additionally with establishments like Natural England and the National Trust.

Projects are live and encourage associated participatory behavior to become a part of the mobile performance.

Powerful Performances From Red Earth

They use the outdoor backdrop and natural surroundings as a central material as this, according to the artists, offers the most effectual experience as opposed to a strictly indoor exhibit, which may sometimes feel inorganic and restrained.

Extensively researched beforehand, the grand events can include any relevant addition such as ceremonial music and dancing, historical structures and may even integrate elements of fire, water and other deep-rooted ties to the specific site. Onsite sculptures that are constructed of local resources are also often incorporated on enactment grounds.

The event motions itself to life as a mindful convoy travels to a ruminative destination spot.

Powerful Performances From Red Earth

The experience is meant to be a provocative sensory excursion and one that is no doubt quite the opposite of a museum display or stage confined artwork. Part of the message is to unearth the power that innately exists in meaningful areas and to respect their ancient, natural influences.

According to the artists:

We are truly excited about the potential of how our events may bring voice and corporeality to the disembodied spirit of these places, bringing them to life through interaction. Whatever their original purpose, these constructed sites were meant to be used. Our performances can potentially break through the cultural barriers modern society has created around architectural puzzles by way of preservation without activation.

All images provided by Red Earth.

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