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Unlikely Uses For Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is already famed as a sidekick to both chocolate and jelly, loved solo by millions of Americans for its thick texture and health benefits (Europe has yet to develop as intense a passion), and has inspired the crunchy vs creamy debate, which continues over a century after it was first introduced in St. Louis by Doctor Straub – where it was originally used as a means to provide protein to patients who were unable to adequately chew solid foods. Usually, this meant toothless gentlemen of a refined age.

Certainly, these achievements are impressive, but in a world where you can download and watch entire shows for free, obtain freaky artifacts from across the globe without stepping a foot outside of your home, and where cars will soon drive themselves, most of us are still unsatisfied. And in the name of that majority we ask for more from our long-acquainted staples. Luckily for them, peanut butter rarely fails to deliver. So, when you’re not slathering it onto a piece of toast or eating it liberally from the jar (if this is you, please, at the very least use a spoon), you can employ your nutty paste for various non-glutenous tasks.


Image source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:PeanutButter.jpg

Get Rid of Potent Odors

If your hands seem to be stained with an acrid odor after peeling onions or garlic, you can dispel it by lathering a glob or so of peanut butter on your hands. It will absorb the scent, thus, removing it from your skin after you’ve rinsed it away.

Smooth Operations

With its dense texture, one might assume peanut butter would clog any orifice it comes into contact with. However, it can improve the function of tools, as it lubricates blades on lawn mowers and cleans shears that have begun to rust. Peanut butter can also be used to remove  sticky residues, like tree sap.

Cast Away (Five O’clock) Shadows

It’s gloopy appearance aside, peanut butter makes a good staple for cleaning yourself up and you can actually shave with it. Presumably, you’d want to use the creamy variety to do so, lest you wish to embed tiny nut lodgings in your face. This is rather helpful when you’re low on shaving gel or just feeling a bit experimental. Though you may additionally find local critters suddenly attracted to you. Speaking of which…..

Peanut Butter Works As Humane Pest Control

Despite much cultural reference to their love of cheese, mice just may have a stronger affinity towards peanut butter. But you should know now that their allegiance lies with the crunchy variety – so none of that airy nut fluff. A generous dollop should be enough to attract their attention, assuming you intend to lure them into a catch and release cage or other humane method of relocation. This should also be sufficient for deviating ants from unwanted spaces in your home.

 Just a Spoonful of Sugar…..

Or nutter butter, rather, does indeed make the medicine go down. We’re not talking self medicating with comfort food, but instead enveloping medicine within a smear of peanut butter to make treating ailments more palatable for your animal companions. This tends to be a better route than inserting pills in questionable hunks of meat or cheese, with far fewer adverse affects. Your nasal cavity will thank you.


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