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Paper Play

Children and scraps of paper can go hand in hand, as they love drawing, making and exploring with paper as a medium. They can also bring home a lot of extra paper from school or leftover from projects.

The following are a few fun and useful ideas for putting extra paper to use around the house, and children can get in on the fun while learning about cutting down on waste and clutter.

For any fashion interested youngsters in the house, check out this recycled couture series. Formed entirely from recycled paper, this collection of clothing is one imaginative series.

From Fashion by Mayhem, a mother and daughter team, these couture replicas are impressive considering the fabric choice.

Making accessories from paper is a way to show kids how they can make something useful from a waste item.

A tedious but simple project can produce a bowl that can hold tons of objects around the house. Made from strips of magazines and scrap paper, different shapes and sizes of containers can be formed by using this idea.

Paper Play

Image source: crabandfish.blogspot.com

To update a room, this confetti wall is an inexpensive way to brighten things up.

Paper Play

Image source: weebirdy.com

This pattern concept can be used to make beaded necklaces, bracelets or keychains. These also are great gifts that children can make.

Paper Play

Image source: savedbylovecreations.com

For a practical project, do it yourself envelopes can be easily formed out of reused paper. Mini Eco has a neat compilation of several homemade envelope ideas and other paper crafting projects.

These templates make envelopes that can be decorated and addressed. Also these have string ties that have sturdy holders for letters, party favors or keepsakes. For an eye-catching display, galaxy envelopes are a neat way to hold a letters, cards or invitations.

For even more decorative paper play, crayons are a favorite coloring accessory. Make your own by melting down too short or broken crayons into new ones. They don’t have to stay true to their ordinary shape either, but can be placed in a mold for a new look like shown with this owl mold.

Paper Play

Image source: minieco.co.uk/wax

You can also make your own signature rubber stamp by carving out a design and placing it on a sturdy backing. Draw an image or use a photo for a one of a kind stamp. Have kids use leftover fruit or vegetable juice for coloring and staining.

Fun and functional crafts inspired by recycling also makes for a good excuse to play.

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