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Our Human Connection Shown By Street Photographers

Street photography is a popular art form.

Capturing this type of screenshot is particularly fascinating because it showcases a familiar audience: people just like us.

There are tons of photo blogs displaying the work of talented street photographers who are able to capture diversity and a range of human emotions, all while respectfully showing the true nature of their subjects in their environment. Below are a few noteworthy talents who show us people and places we might not otherwise be able to see.

Brandon Stanton, who followed a calling for urban field photography after a job loss as a bonds trader, has started a virtual movement called Humans of New York (HONY). Wandering the streets of the city taking photos of people in their natural element turned into a much bigger project than initially anticipated.

His HONY project has received much acclaim and the collection has recently been published.

Our Human Connection Shown By Street Photographers

Image source: humansofnewyork.com

What makes his work stand out are the personal stories that he incorporates along with each image. The individuals that he takes pictures of give a piece of their story, which then visually comes to life and is reflected in the shot.

Take a visual tour of New York and its inhabitants through his gallery and archive.

Maciej Dakowicz is an accomplished traveling street photographer whose photos have also been published and exhibited.

His ability to collect the un-posed accounts of his subjects tells an entire story without using words. Sometimes pleasant, sometimes not, his photographs capture a rich, complex world full of individuals and landscapes.

Our Human Connection Shown By Street Photographers

Image source: maciejdakowicz.com

His current work features the people and places of Mumbai, India.

Rui Palha is a Lisbon, Portugal based photographer whose street work is known for his recurring themes of human reflection and solitude.

In an interview, it is pointed out that his knack for balancing street photography and street portraiture is impeccable, and that certainly seems true. Whether contemplative, sad, or the many places in between, his pieces offer a glimpse into a collectively shared condition.

Our Human Connection Shown By Street Photographers

Image source: leicaliker.files.wordpress.com

Street photographers may not always be widely celebrated with awards and exhibitions, but their ability to capture a moment and share it is appreciated, and reminds us of our human connection.

Our Human Connection Shown By Street Photographers

Image source: Photography by Tara Deaton

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