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OpenFarm Seeks To Expand Gardening Knowledge

OpenFarm Seeks To Expand Gardening Knowledge

Image source: openfarm.cc

If you need a little assistance here and there, have specific gardening questions or just need a place to start, it’s nice to have some tools on hand. There are tons of products, apps and other resources aimed at making gardening easier for the average person.

A relatively new concept called OpenFarm seeks to up the usefulness factor of gardening related information. Rory Aronson has come up with idea to develop a large-scale gardening guide database.

Recently funded on Kickstarter, OpenFarm lets users check out everything from soil and growing conditions to plant and crop how-tos. Check out the video.

What makes the OpenFarm unique is that users can input information about their own growing experience, add useful tips and provide recommendations (think Wikipedia).

Users can share and adapt relevant content under the licensing realm of Creative Commons, so the information is free and open. You can search or contribute, and the idea is for users to keep developing the database to make it as inclusive as possible.

Further, the material can be tailored to cover specific areas and environments, along with the user’s targeted gardening techniques and growing conditions.

It can also be used to look up information about flowers and other greenery. Information is presented in sections and guides, and it can be simple to more complex and inclusive.

Here is a sample snapshot of one project:


Image source: openfarm.cc

If the OpenFarm platform takes off and proves successful, it could be utilized for large-scale farming, research studies and other useful applications.

From the home garden to the commercial, an increased knowledge base is always a good idea.

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