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Neat Projects Inspired By Ocean Plastic

The issue of plastic pollution in the oceans is a growing concern. Understanding the need for awareness, some have initiated interesting projects that turn litter into new objects and ideas.

A few years back, the vacuum company Electrolux came up with a line of vacuum cleaners that were made from recovered ocean plastics.

Neat Projects Inspired By Ocean Plastics

Image source: inspirationgreen.com

They were not for sale due to the high cost of producing them, but were created to initiate a Vac from the Sea project that would bring attention to the vast amount of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.

Plastics were collected globally for the campaign and assembled into functional vacuums. There were 5 in the series, each one representative of a body of water where the plastic was gathered.

Neat Projects Inspired By Ocean Plastics

Image source: inspirationgreen.com: The vacuums are titled North Sea, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Pacific Ocean and Baltic Sea.

Another project that was inspired from ocean plastic material has turned into a working documentary. Beginning in 1999, Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang started the idea of Plastic Forever. The notion began as an effort to gather plastic waste from on specific water area, Kehoe Beach, which is located in the Point Reyes National Seashore.

Together they have reportedly gathered over 2 tons of plastic from a 1000 yard stretch of the beach.

Neat Projects Inspired By Ocean Plastics

Image source: plasticforever.blogspot.com

They turn their plastic finds into artwork that is meant to draw attention to the sad reality of the overwhelming presence of ocean plastic and its effects on marine life.

Along with making their creations they blog about their explorations and look into where the items they uncover are from.

Check out The Ghost Below and cast the net to learn more about the impact of marine litter.

Recycled Island is a conceptual project that would aim to take the growing amount of plastic debris and turn it into foundations for floating habitats. Located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the prototype plans are constructed on a major river that flows into the North Sea.


Ocean pollution is a growing problem, and eradicating it seems nearly improbable. Projects that aim to reduce plastic waste by reusing it are optimistic endeavors, and can end up with some pretty neat results.

Neat Projects Inspired By Ocean Plastics

Image source: recycledisland.com

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