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Treat Acne Naturally

We have all had our fair share of acne and often treat it with toxic medications.  Fortunately, there are natural ways to treat acne and save some money.  These natural remedies have been tested by science and are shown to work for most skin types.

Dairy – Science has confirmed that diet can cause acne.  According to the Mayo Clinic, eating dairy foods and carbohydrates can cause acne.  The problem is the rise in blood sugar from eating foods containing refined flour.   If dairy is a part of your everyday diet, try cutting back or replacing your usual dairy products with something that contains less of those harmful substances.

Vitamin A – Even a mild vitamin A deficiency can cause acne.  Eat sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, or cantaloupe to boost your levels of vitamin A.   A vitamin containing vitamin A and eating right will help greatly.

Release Your Stress – Our skin reacts to outer and inner changes.   When we bottle up stress it can be shown on the skin by acne.  Getting regular exercise or relaxing will help alleviate some of that stress.

Minerals – Low levels of zinc and chromium can cause acne.  Zinc has antibacterial properties than help control our skin’s oil production and prevent inflammation.  Foods high in zinc include dark chocolate, lean beef, nuts, oysters and crab.  Chromium is known to battle skin infections.  Whole grains, broccoli, and fish will help strengthen chromium levels in the body.

Diet alone probably won’t clear up acne.  However, a healthy diet will improve your overall health and aid in the reduction of acne or acne inflammations.

Skin traps dirt and oil from the natural environment.  By washing our faces, keeping whatever touches our faces clean and not trapping the skin behind hair or hats we can avoid a buildup of dirt and oils.

Make the changes and see a difference.

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