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Natural Popsicles

Summer has reached its peak and the global smog has yet to simmer down. By cooling your palette you can alleviate the stresses of heat elsewhere.

This brings us to our main topic:  Popsicles.

Though staples of childhood and summer, they’re great year round at any age. And they’re easy to make yourself. I like to make Popsicles using fruit flavored tea. It tastes like normal Popsicles but lacks the high sugar content and is lower in calories.  To do this, pick out a tea of your liking.  Most fruit teas are herbal and thus, caffeine free. You can find fruit tea in a variety of flavors including peach, blueberry, cherry, blackberry and raspberry.  Once you’ve selected your tea, steep it in hot water, using one bag of tea per cup of hot water. Let the tea steep for two to three minutes and remove the tea bags. Allow the tea infused water to cool down to room temperature.

Next, sweeten your tea. Because many people are trying to be conscious of their sugar intake, I decide to omit it. I also omit artificial sweeteners. Like most foods and substances, artificial sweeteners can be okay in moderation but are still known to trigger insulin release. They can also over-saturate our palettes, so that we have a high sweet tolerance. So what do you use to sweeten the Popsicle? There are other options. I like to use Stevia; it comes in packets or as an extract. Usually I use one packet of Stevia granules per cup of tea.

Now you may put the sweetened tea into a Popsicle mold or ice tray and let it freeze.  These Popsicles are healthy and natural, plus some of the herbs from the tea, such as raspberry leaves, can help relieve indigestion and stomach problems.

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