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Natural Pesticides

Instead of using chemically laden sprays and lotions try going the all natural route. Chemicals can be harmful to you and your children. Here are a few household items to put to the test.

Recently mosquitoes have been found in larger numbers to have the West Nile Virus. Although it might smell, bad onions rubbed on the skin will deter mosquitoes.  An increase in garlic consumption during the spring and summer months also helps to keep mosquitoes away. For another quick and inexpensive option, mist your skin with an apple cider vinegar and water mixture. Eucalyptus oil will also help ward off the itchy beasts.

For spiders, you can create a natural spray that consists of any natural liquid soap. Combine one liter of water with any pungent smelling essential oil, such as tea tree, citrus, or rose. Add five tablespoons of the natural soap, and spray the mixture around their favorite hangout zones; especially dark damp places.

With ants, place cucumber slices or peels, as ants have a natural aversion to the crisp veggie. Other things ants hate include cayenne pepper, citrus oil or lemon juice, cinnamon and coffee grounds. You can also try placing mint tea bags, dry crushed mint or cloves in the area where they are in full force. For ant mounts you may use oatmeal as it will over-fill their stomachs and cause them to perish. However, this is a last case scenario.

For wasps, consider constructing a trap that consists of a two liter soda bottle with an inverted top. To attract the wasps, coat the neck with honey. Fill the bottle to halfway with water, add dish soap, and watch as they fall victim to the mixture. If you don’t want honeybees to have the same fate, add a quarter cup of vinegar to the mixture and they should steer clear.

Lastly, is those pesky gnats that seems to come from nowhere by the crowds. Gnats love fruit so keep all fruit in the fridge not on the counters. Another way to remove the gnats may be ill fated but is pretty simple. Fill a 20 oz soda bottle with red wine or sweet vinegar. The gnats will fly into the bottles and meet their fate in the sweet substance.


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