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Make These Hair Products Better At Home

Hair products are one of those areas where searching for more natural alternatives can be tricky.

Many hair care items contain lengthy ingredient lists, especially finishing products like texture balms, gels and hair sprays. Surprisingly, these can all be made right at home, without a chemistry degree, and using far less ingredients than their store bought counterparts.

Skeptical ingredients like parabens, artificially derived dyes and fragrances are often found in hair care, but the following recipes leave out the synthetics and work with more natural materials to tame, hold and style hair.

Pomade, or hair wax, can add great texture to hair. However, it can also add ingredients like petrolatum and other unwanted chemicals.

This recipe, recommended for lighter hair since it uses chamomile and lemon essential oils, can be altered for any hair color by finding a suitable essential oil to give the balm a slight hue. This beeswax based recipe also adds glitter, which can be left out.

This homespun sculpting wax adds in shea butter and jojoba for extra moisture, and suggests lime essential oils for a fabulously fresh smell.

Make These Hair Products Better At Home

Image source: mommypotamus.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com

Homemade beach waves spray is also a natural way to create textured hair. Aloe vera gel and essential oils like almond or lavender make a moistening and organically scented scrunching product.

Make These Hair Products Better At Home

Image source: wellnessmama.com

Recommended for manageable twists, twist outs and other styles, homemade flaxseed gel can add hold and shine to hair, naturally.

Watch how to make it:

Hair spray can even be made all natural without drying alcohol. Pour boiled water over diced citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, using around 2 parts water to 1 part citrus. Let it cool, and this sticky substitute can be kept in a spray bottle and refrigerated.

And if hair ever gets that built-up product feel, a simple do it yourself herbal rinse can gently restore balance.

This is as easy as boiling and cooling a favorite all natural herbal tea, then adding a couple of teaspoons of baking soda. Pour over clean hair, wet or dry, and leave in. Some recipes suggest also adding in a teaspoon or so of apple cider vinegar for increased shine. A few drops of essential oils and herbs like rosemary or mint can also be added in the mix to revitalize and for fragrance.

These natural, homemade hair care products are typically safe for everyone in the family, as long as there are no allergic reactions, and are much more suitable for sensitive scalps and tresses than most commercial brands.

They are less expensive per unit than most store bought types, too, and will also save the worry about what you are putting on your hair.

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