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Natural Cold Remedies

A cold or flu is virus spread by coughing, sneezing or personal contact. There are many natural remedies to help prevent and treat colds and flu.

A favourite of mine is my mothers old remedy of boiling lots of garlic (decongestant), ginger (anti-bacterial), lemon (vitamin C) and honey (throat soother) in a saucepan and slowly sipping it. I always waited until it was lukewarm and down the hatch it would go, as I found it quite repulsive as a child. Now, as an adult, I enjoy it when I am sick, partly because my tastes have changed and partly because I know it will fix me right up!

Below are some ingredients to use for preventative measures that help boost immunity and also aids to assist you when in the throes of a nasty affliction. Some are commonly known, popular supplements however, they should not be underestimated. Others are some obscure ingredients to try out next time you are overcome by a dreaded winter illness.

Vitamin C – Boosts immune system and increases the number of white blood cells. Integral role in anti-body activity. Smokers have less Vitamin C so require greater amounts. Combined with other nutrients such as Vitamin E, Zinc and Betacarotene helps to fight infections

Zinc – Boosts the immune system and supports the body’s natural defence systems. Inhibits growth of viruses

Garlic – Widely known for its medicinal properties, it has traditionally been used in the treatment of cold or flu symptoms. It is quite heating to the body and can help with sinus and decongestion

Horseradish – A great decongestant and eliminates mucus

Olive Leaf Extract – A powerful immune booster and high in anti-oxidants

Licorice – Has a soothing action to help with sore throats

Elderberry – Has anti-viral properties and can help the immune system work faster at destroying infections

White Horehound – Has long been noted for its efficacy in lung troubles and coughs. It is an expectorant which removes tough phlegm from the chest

Cat’s claw – Shortens the duration of the flu

Ginger – Boosts the immune system and is nature’s anti-biotic

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