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Natural Benefits of Peppermint

Peppermint can be used in cooking and also has many medicinal advantages.

Originally from Asia and Europe, some types of peppermint are also native to South Africa, South America and Australia, and were later established in North America.

It can be easily grown indoors or out, requiring only indirect sunlight and a relatively warm temperature.

The plants will go dormant during cold months and reappear when weather warms. The perennial, as with other mints, are notorious for taking over whole yards so keep this in mind when choosing where to plant it. Peppermint grows ideally in container gardens. When grown indoors, it is easily accessible and can naturally scent the air in a room.

Having several valuable properties, it is commonly used for natural medical treatments. Other mints, like spearmint, are milder in comparison to peppermint’s strong qualities. Widely known as a digestive aide, one study found that almost 80% of participants using peppermint had reportedly decreased abdominal pain. This is due to the mint’s ability to help calm the stomach muscles.

Peppermint can also be used for a revitalizing skin treatment. When steeped in chilled water it makes a refreshing skin splash, perfect for after shaving. Mixed with other herbs, like rosemary, it can help calm the skin. A few drops of vinegar added to peppermint infused water can be used as a rinse for dry scalp and itchy skin.

The extract is commonly used in remedies to treat headaches and may be used in vapor rubs, however undiluted pure oil applied directly to the skin may cause an irritating rash. Also, it may interact with other medications, so use precaution. Due to its strong nature, it should not be used with infants as it may induce breathing problems. Additionally, peppermint should not be used with those who have gastroesophageal reflux disease as it may worsen this or other related, existing conditions.

The many uses of peppermint along with its low-maintenance care make it an ideal addition to a home garden.

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