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Natural Baby Treatments


If a little one is in your care you probably have dealt with product overload and label reading, and lots of it.

It seems there are tons of chemicals in everyday items, and baby products are unfortunately no exception.

Instead of resorting to shelf anxiety, there are a few natural methods you can turn to for basic therapies.

Infant massage can work wonders for cranky babies. It is good for sore muscles and can help with stomach aches. It is also a source of relaxation, for both of you. Massage should unwind a fussy baby, but be sure to check with their doctor if they seem uncomfortable in any area.

Chamomile tea can be diluted with purified water and used to occasionally serve to babies around 4 to 6 months of age up to older children. Being a good remedy for stomach upset, it is also naturally decaffeinated. Be sure to ask a pediatrician for allergy information first if you have any questions.

Another easy to do at home cure is making natural saline nasal drops. Using boiled, cooled water and a small amount of salt is basically the same as the over-the-counter variety, just without the price tag and packaging. This can alleviate a congested nose so baby can rest easier.

Also, you can try taking a clean finger or cloth and with a gentle downward motion rubbing alongside baby’s nose and massage the nasal passages to remove any sinus blockage. This is also helpful for the inner eye area, which can sometimes accumulate fluid. The mild pressure can break this up, naturally allowing tear ducts to drain.

If you have ever looked at a tub of baby wipes, you can probably recall the shock when the ingredient list turned into a full paragraph. For a fraction of the cost of buying them, you can make homemade baby wipes with hand-selected ingredients and a reusable container. Some recipes call for using small amounts of baby oil and baby wash, so if you make it this way opt for organic varieties when available. These may be more expensive but since only small amounts are used they will last a long time. Also, choose organic unbleached paper towels which can usually be found in rolls or squares. If you prefer cloth, reusable cotton squares or panels are available.

Baby wipes can really be made using only towels and water, but no matter how you make them note that it is important to use boiled and cooled or distilled water to prevent bacteria or mold growth. Similarly, be certain that your container is sanitized before storing wipes in them. Some recipes leave these steps out, which may result in a junior science experiment and wasted efforts.

Always check with your baby’s healthcare provider prior to substituting a home remedy so they can address any inquiries. It makes you feel better when you can offer a natural alternative to make baby more comfortable.

Natural Baby Treatments

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