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National Unplugging Day

Sabbath Manifesto is a creative project designed to slow down lives in an increasingly hectic world.”

The 2013 National Day of Unplugging, starting March 1-2 is an American concept created a few years ago.

“Sabbath” comes from the Hebrew shabbat “to cease” and refers to a weekly day of rest. Many religions observe a day of rest, most usually on the weekend. All denominations, nationalities and backgrounds are welcomed to take part in Sabbath Manifesto on 1-2 March.

It is, in a way, a digital detox.

With the astounding reliance we have on technologies in the modern world could render this abstinence a difficult task indeed!

The Sabbath Manifesto have created 10 core principles that you can interpret as you wish. Obviously, you can be as strict or as relaxed as you wish, however any kind of adjustment would be sure to help the environment.

The concept is there to inspire people to adopt some practises throughout the whole year. These are the 10 core principles:

1. Avoid technology
2. Connect with loved ones
3. Nurture your health
4. Get outside
5. Avoid commerce
6. Light candles
7. Drink wine
8. Eat bread
9. Find silence
10. Give back

The guidelines are just that, guidelines. If you don’t drink wine, drink your favourite beverage instead.

‘Avoiding technology’ may mean turning off the computer, or if that is too much to handle, perhaps not sending text messages. Imagine the electricity savings and resulting efficiency if everyone unplugged their computers for a day.

Whatever you choose to do, remember every small action can greatly benefit the earth.

So why not join and take the pledge at National Day of Unplugging in a weeks’ time.

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