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Americans Driving Less Each Year

In 2005, driving to and from destinations was at its peak in the United States.

Regardless of just how far that destination was from home, we’d hop in our Ford Explorer’s and Chevy Impala’s and chug away down the street. However, that lifestyle is fading, and we can all breath a sigh of relief.

This is good news. In fact, it’s great news.

Less driving in cars means more walking, biking, mass transit, you name it.

Reducing our planet’s carbon levels is (or should be) priority number one for most countries, especially the worst offending ones (I’m looking at you, China, America, and most of the European Union).

Certainly increased gas prices have played their part in this exodus away from motorized vehicles, though it’s not the only factor. Urban landscapes are becoming more and more packed, and people simply don’t like the traffic that comes with it, nor do they like waking up to a dirty-air warning and being encouraged to stay indoors.

The push towards living healthier lives also receives credit for the recent trend. Exercise has both waned and flourished in popularity throughout the years. In the early 1900’s, there wasn’t really a need to advertise the benefits of spending time outdoors, because it was widely understood that excessive sitting is bad, and timely walks through the park are good. Recently, people have needed to be reminded of how their lives are better off when their bodies are healthy.

Making it easier for people to find transportation alternatives has been the mission of many big cities, such as New York’s rent-a-bike program that so far has seen massive success, as have the programs of other cities and nations worldwide. It’s not so much that cars are evil. We need them as tools of transportation, farming, construction, etc. It’s more about the toxic waste spewed out by each machine.

Don’t you find it rather disconcerting that if you were to spend even a short amount of time in an enclosed area with your vehicle running, the carbon waste could kill you?

This isn’t possible with electric vehicles, nor is it with bicycles, rollerblades, and walking. This is a trend we can all appreciate, and pray that it lasts for quite sometime.


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