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Mineral Make Up

Modern mineral make up is friendly to our planet and not contaminated with lead and synthetics.

Mineral makeup contains all-natural ingredients such as seed oil, flower extract, titanium dioxide and mica.

Mica and other minerals are naturally occurring and have been praised for their color for centuries – the ancient Egyptians enjoyed wearing mica.

With mineral makeup there are no synthetic colors, artificial fragrances or petrochemicals. Additionally, mineral makeup is a natural UVA/B ray blocker.

Many companies now offer mineral solutions in makeup. Companies like MAC and Origins sell different products with about 80% minerals that are all natural. Other companies such as Maybelline offer lower priced products on the store shelves that claim to be proportionally amde up of all natural minerals. While these brands are easily accessible there are also smaller venders on Etsy who sell 100% natural mineral makeup along with samples that you can try before you buy in a larger quantity.

Another solution to reinvigorate your beauty regime is to make your own mineral makeup. With local organic stores flourishing it is pretty easy to access the minerals that would be needed to make your own.

Recipe for Light Skin

Titanium dioxide 4 TBS + 1 tsp
Zinc oxide 4 tsp
Kaolin clay 4 tsp
Brown iron oxide 1/2 tsp
Deep red iron oxide 1/8 tsp
Yellow iron oxide 3 tsp
Serecite mica 4 tsp

Mix ingredients together in a pestle. To adjust tone you can alter the yellow, red, and brown oxide within the recipe.

With dozens of recipes on the internet for lip gloss, foundation, and eye shadows anyone can combine their desire to purchase environmentally friendly products with their fashion sense.

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