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Useful Homemade Gifts

You don’t always have to do the retail-run-around to find the perfect gift.

If you are leaning toward making your own presents forget unacknowledged crafts or misshapen knitted fare. Give a homemade gift that will be valued. Because of their functionality, these four handmade ideas will actually be used, too.

Item Covers
Book covers are not only for books. All types of covers can be made for various items. Technological gadgetry, work or home supplies or anything that can be fitted, can benefit from a protective cover. From the easier new sew variety to more complicated craft techniques, coverings can be fashioned from all kinds of materials. For a tutorial on a basic book cover, check out an example from moonstitches. If up for a crafting challenge and know someone who would love a sturdy leather case for their portable technology, check out instructables.com. Although the instructions are for an iPod Touch case the same directions can be manipulated to fit any size device.

Recycled Magazine Containers
Save magazines and turn them into convenient containers. Who can’t use a decorative object to hold something? They can be weaved into baskets, bags, and even sets of boxes paired with lids. Making them is an engaging way to reuse colorful published pages. Everyone can benefit from a bit of organization.

Homemade Recycled Stationary
Everyone uses paper in some way. Things like pretty stationary are a splurge that a lot of people may not purchase for themselves, especially in an online era. Making your own paper can go from simple to complex techniques, but creating it is a fun process. Greeting cards and notepaper can be fashioned from all types of recycled papers. In addition to paper, natural dyes, fabrics and other manipulate-able mediums can be turned into artistic stationary sets.

Edibles are always welcome. Consider the recipient’s favorites, and give them a twist by adding speciality features to make it personal. Check out Martha Stewart’s homemade food gifts for a list of creations to get you kitchen gift-giving inspired. Some of the featured ideas include popcorn, breads, candied citrus peels, spiced nuts, rubs and olive combinations. Keep in mind food gifts are one option that you don’t have to overdo. Something as simple as a natural basket filled with crisp apples and sprinkled with caramel candies or a side of caramel sauce would be appreciated by anyone.

In such a merchandise rich world, everyone loves a practical gift with some original thought and sincere effort behind it.

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