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Make Your Own Solid Perfume

Make Your Own Solid Perfume

Image source: gomakeme.com/2013/02/go-make-me-essential-oil-solid-perfume-lockets-diy-project.html

If you don’t like strong scented sprays but still want a hint of fragrance, try a solid perfume.

These can be customized with favorite scents and all natural ingredients.

Placed in a locket or other sealable container, they make resourceful gifts. Just be sure to make extra for yourself.

Perfume sprays can contain chemicals and harmful ingredients that you don’t want on skin. Solid perfumes scent the skin without irritating sprays that aren’t so air friendly.

Plus, homemade perfumes in a solid form are fairly simple to make.

There are many recipes available, but most call for using beeswax. Be sure that it is cosmetic grade beeswax and not candle wax. This usually comes in blocks, which will need to be to be grated or chopped before melting, and it also comes in pellet form.

For the scent, any skin quality essential oils or flower and herb extracts can be used. The natural selection of aromas are endless, so choose favorites and try mixing combinations like lavender and almond or jojoba, or sweet orange, grapefruit, ginger and vanilla. Mint and another preferred scent also can be used for an energizing pick up. Keep it stored in the fridge and the mint will give a fragrant cooling sensation when applied.

Find small holders that can be sealed to put the mixture in. Cosmetic containers, small glasses, Mason jars or decorative lockets and pillboxes are perfect for this.

Make Your Own Solid Perfume


Different sized glass containers can be used to store the perfume if you wish to make it in larger batches, just be sure to keep it closed and in a cool, dark place. Also, don’t let finished perfumes sit out in the heat as they will melt.

To make solid perfume, slowly melt beeswax in a double boiler or you can use a saucepan with a small amount of water in the bottom and a heat proof jar. Cleaned out tin cans work well for this and you can even fashion a pouring spout into the can prior to heating. To do this just place towels around the sides of the can and force it, by hand or with a hammer or rubber mallet, into enough of a spout to pour out of. Use potholders to remove from heat as the container holding the melted wax will become hot, and be careful not to let water droplets get in the wax or it will not melt to a proper consistency.

Use enough beeswax to fill in the container that will be used and melt slowly until the wax turns to a thick liquid and is completely melted, but do not let it come to a boil. When it is almost melted add a few drops of essential oils or other natural fragrances, stir and remove from heat.

Make Your Own Solid Perfume

Image source: gomakeme.com/2013/02/go-make-me-essential-oil-solid-perfume-lockets-diy-project.html

Let it set at room temperature until firm, approximately 30 minutes to an hour or more depending on the portion size.

Once dry, the solid perfume is ready for application and will last for months, unless it gets quickly used up.

Make Your Own Solid Perfume

Image source: Crunchy Betty’s rose, lime, and vetiver essential oils in a treasured locket, from crunchybetty.com/handmade-solid-perfume

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