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Lunar Planting

Wise farmers and biodynamic growers have long understood that you can use the moon as an agricultural implement.

Numerous cultures still use forms of lunar gardening and abide by its guidelines for planting.

Whether harvesting crops by the moonlight or growing by its phases, the natural rhythmic combinations of the earth and moon can be used to a gardener’s advantage.

According to this form of planting there are different progressions similar to calendars that revolve around the moon’s cycles. These are the synodic, or waxing and waning phases, ascending and descending phases, and the sidereal and apogee-perigee cycles.

Each cycle represents a particular period in the growing season, and different plantings and tasks need to be completed within each succession. Each one of these periods holds either benefits or disadvantages to certain aspects of planting due to the placement of the moon in relation to the earth and positioning of the sun’s rays.

In addition to plants, it has been reported that the moon can impact animal behavior as well as water levels. This seems to produce good results like supposedly richer soil and increased harvests. Those that implore organic farming techniques in correlation with lunar cultivation may experience an even greater benefit in growing on the moon’s schedule, since there are probably more creatures that might be constructively affected by the glow of the moon in an organic garden as opposed to a chemically treated one (Ellis, 2010).

Clearly, the moon’s strength over your garden may not be enough alone to grow stellar crops, but when used in conjunction with other sustainable methods may improve results. Traditional lunar planting mixed with other organic techniques certainly could provide benefits to gardening and the produce that it yields.

When given existing wonders to use to our advantage, it seems illogical to always seek synthetic ones. Gardening by the moon is yet another offer of proof that natural solutions can work.

Source: Ellis, J. (December, 2010). Is There a Role in UK Agriculture for Farming by the Cycles of the Moon? Retrieved from: NuffieldInternational.org

Image Source: Google Images

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