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You’ve Probably Never Seen A Stroller Like This

Exercise – Love it or hate it, we all need it. Strollers are a perfect way to get around with kids in tow and get some fitness in, but what if you could take it up a step?

Well the Longboard Stroller certainly does that.

You’ve Probably Never Seen A Stroller Like This

No it’s not for sale, yet, as it is still in the experimental phase. At this stage developers are tweaking the prototype, working on fine tuning specifications, looking at sustainability and partnering, as well as concentrating on safety features.

You’ve Probably Never Seen A Stroller Like This

Also being investigated is the notion of the Longboard Stroller as a means of travel. It is designed for families on the go and for use in busy cities, where people with children still have to get around even if on crowded streets and sidewalks.

You’ve Probably Never Seen A Stroller Like This

Though not yet available, what is up for grabs it seems, is input into the design process as the makers are taking suggestions from the consumer market. Asking questions about preferences, like what is better for the design – a dropdown deck or a pintail, or would a handbrake or a footbrake be best?

My kids might suggest both hand and foot brake systems if I were the one doing the foot pushing, and possibly skateboarding lessons.

Check out the preliminary ride:

The Longboard Stroller system definitely offers some excitement to the ordinary stroller design and does seem to be a promising idea, but will it catch on?

I would love to take one for a spin, what do you think?

All images are from Longboard Stroller.

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