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There is a novelty to visiting a local shop. When you enter one of these shops you’re taking part in someone’s dream and making it reality tangible.

We shouldn’t view local businesses in nostalgic regards. By shopping locally, you invest in your city and strengthen the fabric of its culture. One of the best places to do so is ‘downtown’. Downtowns were once the pulse of every large city or town and have sadly been in a state of decline. Still, there are few other places where you can grab a coffee, trade books, buy unique apparel, laze under the trees at an outdoor café, and let your eyes feast on artisan chocolates. All within walking distance and surrounded with architectural gems built by our ancestors.

Of course there are many businesses outside of downtown that pepper the city. But what makes buying local worth the investment? Why should you get your chocolate dipped ice cream cone from Zesto’s now that McDonald’s has introduced a similar specimen to their menu? Try not to forget that the quality of a product tends to be better when received from a business that specializes in it rather than purchased from an all-in-one mega store. Often at local businesses you’ll have a wider range to choose from because they aren’t catering to the masses.

You may also benefit from networking locally. Many small businesses work with local and not-for-profit organizations and you can get involved and play an active role in the enrichment of your community. Or try contacting a local coffee shop and see if they would supply your office or workspace with coffee, tea and morning pastries. You’ll be helping their business and your own.

Locally owned shops are not a thing of the past but a continuously evolving means of supporting our society.

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