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Modern technology has revolutionized our lifestyles. Many necessities are mass-produced and you can eliminate almost any task by switching on an appliance. But like any great invention technology is a tool that can be used appropriately or abused.

A struggle of modern life is to remain self-sufficient. But doing so can help you save money, energy, and better your sense of accomplishment. This doesn’t mean taking drastic measures. Just by sewing a ripped pair of pants you’ve saved time and money by not buying a replacement pair. These are a few suggestions to get you started.

When buying fresh produces at a store you can’t be sure whether unsanitary hands have unwittingly groped and contaminated these pickings. You might find it efficient to begin growing your own produce. You don’t need a farm or even a yard to do this as many plants do well in large pots or hanging planters. If you choose to grow in a pot, try to use fiberglass pots as they are more economical than plastic pots and keep the soil from drying up better than clay pots do. You can help keep pests away by mixing old coffee grounds in the soil.

If you have kids or eat at work you might bring your lunch from home. And please do not underestimate the PB&J sandwich. Aside from its effortless assemblage, it is a great balance of grain, fruit, protein, and healthy fat packed into a utensil free treat.  You can take this treat a step further and make your own nut-butter by grinding the nuts of your preference in a food processor until a thick paste forms.  A coffee grinder works also.

These acts of self-sufficiency slide into your daily routine with little effort, helping shape a better lifestyle for yourself and the environment.

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