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Surprise On Trash Day

What if you awoke on trash collection day to find that the normally littered about garbage bags were gone and had been replaced with more colorful versions?

This is what happened in New York one unsuspecting morning in 2008. It wasn’t a crazy mix up at the garbage bag production factory, but it was actually a living art installation to bring attention to waste.

Called the TRASH Project, artist Adrian Kondratowicz thought of the interactive, functional art display that involved the help of the surrounding community. He had specialty TRASH Project bags made that were composed of biodegradable plastic and with the assistance of project manager Fredy Alleyne, they handed them out to residents and businesses in the neighborhood prior to the next trash collection day to use instead of their regular bags.

It was a welcomed gesture, and the colorful bags caught on and the proactive gesture traveled to surrounding areas. Nearly 4,000 vibrant garbage bags surfaced throughout many city streets as a result, providing a large communal expression of unorthodox public art.

The piles of garbage became animated sculptures of an unexpected kind.

The artist stated that the project’s goal was to turn our everyday disposals into cooperative art forms. To be more informed about sustainability, but to also encourage expression. Additionally, change does not have to be massive to make a difference. Simple ways of doing something a little differently can create favorable modifications that will continue.

Though years ago, this video shows the positive outcomes when communities come together for a little fun to spread an important message.

It takes a poignant project to transform the ordinary, even more repulsive aspects of human everyday happenings like trash day into a visual piece that brings individuals together, even if only for a day.

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