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Liven Up Ice Cubes

Liven Up Ice Cubes

Image source: sunset-vine.tumblr.com

Ice cubes can keep drinks and foods cold, but they can also be used to add a decorative touch.

Easy to do, the following are suggestions to dress up plain ice cubes and recipes to take advantage of the perfectly portioned, storable and freezable ice cube trays.

Garden Therapy has recipes for making floral, fruit and herb ice cubes that deliver on the presentation.

Liven Up Ice Cubes

Image source: gardentherapy.ca

Using natural items like edible flowers and citrus zests cut in shapes, this ice will instantly add a visual element to beverages.

Liven Up Ice Cubes

Image source: gardentherapy.ca

Start by filling up the trays only halfway full with water or flavorings and then add any dry ingredients. Freeze the trays until solid and then add remaining liquid until the tray portions are filled, then freeze again until completely solid. By doing it in these steps it will help keep any dry ingredients in the middle of the cube, instead of floating to the top or bottom.

For an enticing compilation of ice cube recipes, check out 23 Genius Ways To Use An Ice Cube Tray. These ideas will change the way you see ice cube trays, as they can be used for much more than just freezing water.

Delicious and homemade ideas like chocolate-covered cheesecake bites, peanut butter cups and hot chocolate on a stick beg to be made and tasted.

Liven Up Ice Cubes

Image source: damyhealth.com

Add some extra flavor to drinks like coffee, milk and hot chocolate by using coffee, vanilla or chocolate ice cubes (if you can keep from eating them and reserve them for beverages).

Liven Up Ice Cubes

Image source: thekitchn.com

Trying to work more healthy fresh produce into your diet throughout the day is a good excuse to try adding in different items. Freezing sliced cucumbers in ice can freshen up drinks. For natural flavor, freeze pure fruit juice and purées then add to slushies, smoothies or water. Ice cube trays are also great for making fruit infused frozen yogurt and chocolate covered fruits.

Freezing homemade sauces, greens and pesto make adding in nutrients easy during meal preparation. They are also practical for making recipe staples like soup stocks, herbs and oils.

If using a plastic ice cube tray be sure that it is a food safe, non-leaching variety. Aluminum trays, though once popular, are not recommended for food use. Stainless steel trays are the best choice as they have been proven safer for holding consumables. They are also better for pouring hotter liquids into, and many prefer them over plastic trays as the contents can be easily removed by placing the bottom of the tray in a pool of warm water before ejecting.

Making your own gourmet ice cubes and tray recipes will make you feel like a professional caterer in your own kitchen.

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