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Leaf Artists Make Natural Wonders More Amazing

Leaves are a natural outdoor exhibition, with their splendid and changing colors.

Working with leaves as their materials, some crafty individuals have found a way to capture their everyday brilliance, but with a twist.

This leaf art transforms the natural beauty of leaves into spectacular designs.

Tang Chiew Ling creates whimsical images with different foliage. Arranging them around his drawings to make neat presentations, they are fun to look at.

Lorenzo M. Durán is another artist that makes intricate designs in natural materials. His leaf carvings are remarkable.

Initially the canvas was his display material, but after experimenting with a scalpel and leaves he found a new method for showcasing his inventive abilities.

His cut leaf pieces are made from leaves he collects by his residence, and his articulate approach undoubtedly requires a steady hand and lots of patience.

Durán says of working with organic components:

Using a natural element as a plant leaf is, made me realize that maybe I was facing the opportunity to reflect my respect for the environment. Personally, my life has always been linked in one way or another to nature…For me a plant is a complex mechanism of energy synthesis and a simple leaf hides mysteries that only time will reveal.

Another creative artist’s work can be seen at Violent Hippie Leaf Art. Equipped with an exacto knife and an even sharper imagination, Dessie Jeanne Marshall’s love of the natural world comes through in her work.

These carvings are an involved environmental art that may make you look at piles of fallen leaves a little differently.

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