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Toxic Tubes

Are you a label reader? If you use lipstick, this might not do you any good.

Animal byproducts, heavy metals and lead can be found in lipsticks.

Lead, even in slight amounts accumulate in the body and is known to cause health, developmental and behavioral issues. Despite that, lead as a component is not required for lipstick labels. So, even if you avidly scour ingredient labels you will not see it, along with some other harmful contenders, listed.

Extremely high levels of lead in lipstick can be found worldwide.

A recent study conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discovered ranging levels of lead in 400 lipstick samples, which they listed with their corresponding result. The levels were found to be even higher than initially thought, by double. However, the FDA stated that the levels still do not impose health alarms since the product is applied not eaten, therefore only a minute amount is consumed (FDA).

This lends to a few questions:

Exactly how much of a small amount does it take to cause harmful side effects? Why is it ok to have just a small amount of lead poisoning? What does this mean for the whole tween market, whose products target still developing frameworks and neurological processes? Are these being tested accordingly?

So, check your brand if you don’t want to wear a shade called poisonous. Choose lip products made from only 100% natural ingredients when possible. Opt for organic lines that have clear labeling and do not contain chemicals or byproducts.

Making your own lipstick is a great choice also. If you can handle a simple do it yourself project, start by blending ingredients like melted beeswax and natural oils. Place the mixture in clean containers and seal. Having total quality control allows you to choose what goes in, therefore what is put on. Also, it is efficient since you will probably have more product yield, costing a fraction of what a high priced department tube may sell for.

Being smarter about what you put on your lips will allow you to pucker up without pause!

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