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PhoneSoap – See Why You Absolutely Need It!

Mobile phones have taken over from the handkerchief as the most likely household item to carry germs and bacteria.

Even the toilet seat is ranked as a cleaner household item. A survey in the US found that more than 60 percent of iPad owners use their iPads to read news while in the restroom.

The same device is then carried into the living room, the office, or the gym with the bacteria coming all the way.

Phonesoap, a device which was funded by Kickstarter in 2012, is the solution to this unsavoury problem.


Image source: www.barnorama.com

The project was inspired by research which said that apart from viruses such as the flu, staph, and E.Coli., 1 in 6 phones have faecal matter on them.

The designer thought that using clothes and solutions to wipe the phones was an outdated method and so designed this new device called Phonesoap, a sanitization process which is done with help of UV-C light.

This box sized device charges and sanitizes your mobile phone simultaneously.

Generally UV-C light emits electromagnetic radiation which is used in laboratories, and hospitals to clean the floors and rooms. As these waves are short they penetrate deeply into the bacteria and kill 99% of them.

The mobile phone is placed in the centre of the Phonesoap box and is sanitized by passing UV light from the top to the bottom, keeping the device bacteria free at the same time as it is being charged. This generated light lasts for up to 5 minutes at a time and there will be no noisy moving parts or liquid involved. These electromagnetic radiation won’t generate heat and won’t cause any damage to the phone.

The device supports both Apple’s 30 pin USB cord as-well-as a Micro USB cord which is used widely in Samsung products. This much needed product is available online at PhoneSoap.


Image source: www.phonesoap.com


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