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Junk Food Swap Outs

Many snack  favorites can be less than ideal on the healthy rating scale.

Luckily there are replacement ingredients for the not so good ones that let you still have the food without all of the worry. The following are a few swap out suggestions for some popular snack originals that are known to be suspect for their low nutritional value or chemical production processes.

Microwave popcorn is a convenient snack staple; however that bag contains a lengthy list of items that aren’t just popcorn kernels. In addition to some brands being made with partially hydrogenated oil this fast food has been known to contain diacetyl, a fake butter flavor responsible for causing respiratory diseases in factory workers where the product is made.

Though this has been largely replaced, bags themselves still can be made with perfluorinated compounds, better known as PFC’s. This is a chemical coating inside the bag that is also being eliminated due to its harmful effects which include decreased immune system capacities and is a known cancer causing agent in animals.

One idea for homemade popcorn that gets away from the processed bag but can still be made in the microwave is done by using a plain paper bag that is unbleached and does not contain any print. Place kernels in the bag and pop it just like the regular kind, and then flavor it with preferred seasonings for a healthier full of fiber snack that isn’t housed in a chemical bag.

Also, if you like a certain popular nacho cheese chip but don’t like the list of questionables that can be found on the label, try the Fauxritos recipes that are floating around. You won’t even miss the monosodium glutamate.

Junk Food Swap Outs

Image source: foodnetwork.com recipe by Justin Warner

Another easy to grab snack that is often marketed as a great breakfast go to are fruit filled pastries. Many prepackaged varieties can contain minimal amounts of essential vitamins, and can sometimes even be filled with trace amounts of fruit. However, the ways that the pastries are processed and packaged normally strip them of any minute amounts of nutrients they do have.

Check out the Pop Tart swap from 100 Days of Real Food that turns these sugary beloved snacks into whole wheat, real fruit versions.

Junk Food Swap Outs

Image source: 100daysofrealfood.com

Considered art in some adult circles, and a magical, jiggly substance that is a perfect edible science experiment in childhood, Jell-O encourages food play. It also encourages a bit of an ick factor if you think about what it is made with. More than artificial sweeteners and colorings, the gelatin used in many brands come from somewhere you don’t want to watch wiggle. Let’s just say that animal collagen doesn’t grow on trees.

Agar-agar, also known as kanten, is an organic substance that is extracted from seaweed. This animal gelatin alternative produces the same results as the boxed kind and can be made with real fruit also.

Junk Food Swap Outs

Image source: wholeliving.com

Giving old standbys a health minded makeover is a great way to try out new recipes and a guilt free way to get your snack on.

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