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Stone Paper: Good Alternative or Eco Exaggeration?

Paper made from recycled content is obviously a better option than papers made from new resources.

Paper makes up over one half of all recycled substances by weight that is gathered in the U.S.

New merchandise is always popping up in the eco friendly market, and the paper industry is full of them. Stone paper is one spin on paper products that has surfaced in recent years.

Marketed as environmentally friendly and a better choice than paper made wood pulp, stone paper is made mostly with calcium carbonite which is a natural mineral. For durability, a high density polyethylene is added, which is the type of plastic used to make milk jugs and not known for being the most ecological choice.

Calcium carbonite is an organic substance that can naturally be found. However some brands may not make it clear where their source comes from, how it is mined and what the process involves in getting it ready for production.

It is recyclable with most paper and plastics, however it is not biodegradable. It is supposed to contain no tree fibers; however some brands have been known to either sneakily or unintentionally weave them in at the manufacturing plant.

Since it is formed from a mineral with an absorbing quality, it actually soaks in the ink and normally uses more than traditional papers for the best printing results. It does tend to weigh more as well. Also, some brands made from stone paper will not work with laser printers due to the heat process involved.

It is said to be a preferable writing surface over traditional paper though, as it does have a smooth, attractive finish. Additionally, this type of paper does provide a bit of a waterproof barrier and is sturdier than conventional paper when it is wet.

So, is stone paper a better option or should it be written off?

Watch a video that describes how it differs from traditional types to learn more.

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