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Ways Around Waste

In the midst of last year’s drought some crops, such as wheat, have been unaffected. Others, however, have not faired so well.

There has been a 13 percent decrease in corn harvested and 12 percent decrease in soybeans harvested compared to those harvested in 2011.

Yet many developed countries continue to take food for granted. Nearly one third of all food produced gets thrown away each year.

By eating smarter and preserving food we can cut down on the depletion of resources. Fill your plate with roughly half of what you think you’ll eat first. Chances are you aren’t as hungry as you think you are, and you can always add to your plate if you really want more.

What you don’t eat, try to save. If you don’t think you will use an item before its expiration date, you may want to donate it. Otherwise see if a friend or relative could use it.

Prepare perishables first and plan meals that include them. Save pantry items for later use.  Sprinkle fresh cut apples with lemon juice to prevent it from browning, so you can finish the apple slices later. Storing perishables in containers or canning them greatly adds to their longevity.

Can your food by boiling freshly cut produce and storing it in jars with acidic substances like lemon juice, vinegar, or dill. This can preserve your food for up to a year. Keep canned goods between 50 and 70 degrees (F) to help food retain quality and prevent bacteria growth.

Make sure containers are thoroughly dry to prevent the growth of mold and other bacteria. Some dishwashers leave water drops. Water can also get caught in the nooks of certain containers, especially those with ridges. To be safe, dry all dishes with a towel before putting them away.


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