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Phone Books Reinvented

Even though the internet is widely used today, I still receive telephone books on my doorstep from time to time.

One would think with all the technology at our disposal these would no longer be printed. If you do happen to end up with one on your doorstep here is a few inventive ideas on how to repurpose them rather than tossing them into the recycling bin.

Paper bows and gift wrapping look pretty neat when used from old phone books. There are many DIY tutorials on the net showing the many ways to create inventive décor for your presents.

Windows are best streak free and phone book paper works just as well as newspaper in leaving a streak free finish.

Leafy garlands can be created by cutting out leaves from phone book pages while outlining the pages with crayon and shading over the leaf adds brilliant color for your fall or winter décor. The kids will love the project.

Use the pages with a little mod podge over old flats to give a newer distinctive look and fashion accessory to your wardrobe. Everyone will want to know where you got those “oh so cool” flats.

Hold on to those pages for Valentine ’s Day as they can be used to make seeder cards. They can also be used to make seed starter pots for the spring.

With all those pages you cut out make sure to do it in the center so you leave yourself the chance to make a secret book hide out. By leaving the edges and cover while only cutting out the center it saves a good hiding place for spare money or important documents or trinkets you may not want anyone else to find in the most common places.

Make good out of those old phone books before tossing them in the recycling bin.

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