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Going Green This Winter

Going green should be a year-round practice.

That includes during the winter months when we are usually indoors a lot more.

Even though it is cold out, you can still be eco-friendly in your house, activities and lifestyle.

Save energy by making sure that your doors and windows have a good seal on them. Doors and windows can be letting cold air in and warm air escape. By making sure that both are sealed, you’ll stay warmer and save on your heating bills.

Keep using your bike for shorter commutes and errands. Biking can be harder in rain or snow, but you can often manage to still bike when the weather gets cold. Use wide tires if you have them, wear extra layers to keep warm and protect your hands and feet from the harsh weather. Identify roads that will provide the safest and shortest trip. Also keep in mind that if the weather is too bad, you do not need to force yourself onto a bike.

Wear more layers while you’re at home to keep the heat down. Turning the heat down just a few degrees will make a big difference in your energy consumption. Throw on a sweatshirt, sweat pants, a pair of cozy slippers and grab a blanket.

Try green activities for the family during the winter. Head outside and try cross-country skiing, sledding, having a snowball fight, or building a snowman. You’ll get a workout and you won’t have to use electricity to have fun. If it is raining out, stay in and play a board game, build something, or read a book.

Replace your old light bulbs with fluorescent lights. Winter means less hours of sunlight and much more time indoors. Replace your current lighting with light bulbs that last longer and are more energy efficient.

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