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Ice Castles: An Extraordinary Exhibit

These incredible ice formations are breathtaking.

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Natural wonders, like masses of arctic ice, are amazing. These iced wonders however, are not naturally formed – they are made from hand.

Brent Christensen, an artist and sculptor, had the idea to create the formations when his family relocated and winter temperatures led to adventures in the backyard, complete with an ice skating rink, cave and castle that his children termed the “Ice Castle”.

Ice Castles: An Extraordinary Exhibit

Initially he began creating the ice designs to entertain his family during the winter season. The idea evolved, and now teams of sculptors work on the structures for several weeks, developing the immense ice structures.

The process to make the ice formations is an involved one. About 5,000 icicles are made each day by freezing water and then sculpting them. When the icicles are formed they are soaked in freezing water, and this, along with the temperature and wind conditions, creates the sculptures.

As they sit through the winter months the icicle exhibits grow and develop.

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On the inside of the ice castles are 100’s of LED lights that make the walls of ice glow at night.

Roger Blakey

The ice castles are planned for a few winter exhibitions in Colorado, New Hampshire and Utah.


See one for yourself:

All images are from Ice Castles.

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