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Indoor DIY Greenhouse

indoor gardenhouses

Image source: www.in-sich-stimmig.de

Greenhouses have been put to use for centuries in order to provide extended growing seasons and for protective storage capabilities.

By trapping sunlight inside and capturing warming energy they make ideal environments for starting seedlings and growing plants all year long. With a space-saving countertop greenhouse, the benefits of having a garden can be applied on a smaller-scale indoors providing a continual supply of greenery.

These can be bought pre-made and can include glass or plastic frames. Kits can also be purchased, or you can construct your own with a bit of crafting skill and some basic materials.

Instructables.com provides directions with pictures on how to build a countertop greenhouse using wood, molding, clear vinyl, screws and hinges. This particular project can be made for around $20.00 and can be completed as an afternoon or weekend project. Lumberyards can pre-cut lumber according to your measurements if you don’t have a saw or want to save some time.

The cost to build your own is comparative to a trip to the market and will save money in the long run since you will be able to mark off your grocery list whatever items you choose to grow. If you have a space on a countertop or table that receives several hours of daily direct sunlight then you can design the hothouse around how much space you have available.

Home.CostHelper provides some price ranges for how much different types and sizes of indoor greenhouses and the necessary materials can cost.

Countertop greenhouses make it possible to enjoy the advantages of gardening and growing your own items without the space requirements or committing to long hours of outdoor maintenance. They are also perfect for colder months when you just want a fresh tomato on your salad.

Ikea’s mini greenhouse:


Image source: www.inhabitat.com

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