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How Do You Brew?

Just like there are various types of flavors of coffee and taste preferences for the beloved beverage, there are also several different ways to brew it.

One of the more popular ways to make coffee, especially in the U.S., is to drip brew it. This process is fairly simple, requiring the electricity and machine to heat the water that drips through the coffee grounds in order to brew it.

Lovers of the preset time option may be hooked on making coffee this way, though it may not be the most flavorful way to brew.

An uncomplicated but interesting coffee brewing device crafted from wood is called the Canadiano, and the developers refer to the process of making it as manmade coffee.

How Do You Brew?

Image source: canadiano.co

The coffee is made by placing the Canadiano over a cup. Inside the wooden unit is an inlay of carved out circles that form a bowl shaped filter. This contains the coffee as the water is poured over it and trickles through the grains.

How Do You Brew?

Image source: canadiano.co

Watch the process in action:

There are different varieties available that produce a variety of flavors, like walnut, cherry and maple. Over time, the coffee oils are said to become absorbed into the chunk of wood and make a personalized blend of coffee.

A downside to this organic way to brew? It only makes a single serving.

French press brewing is another way to make really good, gourmet tasting coffee.

Steeped, brewed coffee in a French press is separated from the grounds, leaving behind a hot, fresh blend. This results in a preferred taste of many coffee drinkers that haven’t been spoiled by the convenience of pushing a button.

Another method uses a percolator machine, which lets heated water permeate coffee grounds that are inside in a container. The longer the water is allowed to heat up, the stronger the coffee will be. These normally have a glass top that shows how dark the coffee is becoming.

Methods that use heated water, like vacuum pot brewing, and steam pressure, like with a moka pot, are said to also produce great cups of coffee. A moka pot is a metal pot that brews coffee by using steam pressure.

Better ones are normally made from stainless steel, and they contain a reusable filter that sets inside the water filled container and is heated, and can be used on a fire. When the water creates steam it circulates to the top of the brewing pot. This method is said to make a robust taste, but can become bitter if it is allowed to set too long.

There are many other brewing methods, as this staple drink has been around for centuries.

If you have any recommendations for brewing up the perfect cup, please mention them in the comments below.

How Do You Brew?

Image source: commons.wikimedia.org

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