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Homemade Spa Basket Set

Spa gift sets are a luxurious treat, and are great to give or receive.

However, along with lavish items included in the basket they can also tote a big price tag.

Filling up your own set can be done for much less, and all with items from around the house. If you want to add an artisan touch, take it up a notch by crafting a do it yourself basket. By learning a few basic weaving skills you can make a hand woven basket to hold everything in.

A simply made treat is a sugar lip scrub that can be stored in small batches in lidded glass jars. Save up baby food jars, lip balm pots or other small containers to reuse. To make, just mix an emollient rich carrier base like coconut or almond oil with honey and brown sugar and you will have a moisturizing lip scrub.

Homemade Spa Basket Set

Image source: honestlywtf.com

Homemade Spa Basket Set

Image source: honestlywtf.com

For a super simple combination beauty treatment safe for gentle skin, try using homemade applesauce for a face mask and shampoo. It is so mild there is even a separate recipe that you can eat following the how-to.

Homemade Spa Basket Set

Image source: crunchybetty.com

To help restore balance, homemade facial toner can be made with all natural ingredients from the kitchen and stored in a glass jar until needed.

For a list of emollient rich hand cream concoctions, check out these recipes. Beeswax mango butter, lemon and even coffee can be used in an all-natural moisturizing lotion.

Because these all natural beauty items do not contain preservatives they will not last as long as their retail counterparts. Most will last for a week or so in a tightly closed container.

To make a basket for holding items, this primer provides an overview of weaving techniques and styles.

Also, this video illustrates some basic weaving methods:

Whether kept for yourself or given as a gift, having some items on hand for all natural beauty treatments can bring a little bit of the spa experience home.

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